Because we all know someone!

Personalise Your paris


personalise your parisian experiences is a marketplace connecting you with a network of real people to personalise your local Parisian experiences.

Access isn't a luxury, it's about knowing the right guy to make it happen!

That's what is all about.


What services are provided?

  • Are you looking for a gastronomic restaurant that meets your taste?

  • Looking for an personalised and authentic Parisian city tour to provide you with the hidden gems of the city?

  • What about staying in a Parisian apartment on a reduced budget?

  • Or are you looking to purchase a rare Hermes Birkin bag or find a way to get your hands on a limited edition Ferrari?

We'll take any request, as long as its ethical and legal!

Try us and be surprised at how far our network reaches.


example of bespoke services

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How works

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let us guy’d you:

  1. Connect through our user interface by clicking the button "Select a service".

  2. Make your request choosing the appropriate service button and provide the information requested.

  3. We will find you a guy that will deliver on your request, based on all your information entered.

  4. Once you and our guy have agreed on service terms, will collect and hold payment until our guy has delivered your request in full.

  5. Once verified and confirmed through you, we handle the payment. Any commission fees to will be born by our guy. 

  6. Enjoy our service!